The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, it is data. In the Information Age, data powers growth and change, and offers new opportunities for fairer and more efficient societies.

But did you know that less than 1% of all data is actually used, shared and analyzed? A staggering 99% of all data is currently being unused. Which means we’re missing big opportunities.

This has a number of causes:

  • Most data is stored in an unstructured form and is therefore difficult to (re) use.
  • There is uncertainty about security, privacy and other legal issues (such as data ownership).
  • There is no overview of available data and the conditions under which these data can be used.
  • It is costly to conclude individual contracts with other parties to exchange data.
  • No one knows how to efficiently determine the market price of data.

As a result, trading data is tedious. It is often so expensive, inefficient, and legally cumbersome that organizations prefer to avoid data sharing at all.

And that is the fundamental problem of our data economy. Until we create the infrastructure and (financial) incentives required for data owners to share their data with others, we will never unlock the full potential of the data economy.

That’s why we invite you to join us in developing a digital data market, where data can be shared in a trusted and fair manner. That’s why we invite you to join AMDEX.

Contact: e.smit@towardsamdex.org