Examples that show potential and possibility of data exchange

Predictive Analytics en Machine learning in the cleaning sector

In a few weeks time, Corona made it clear how vulnerable we as people and society ultimately are. The cleaners were last week labeled in several countries as “vital occupation”, because cleaning must continue. Dirk Tuip, CEO Facility apps, tells more about the digitization of the industry and the developments in the field of AI and machine learning in his blog.

Blog (in dutch)

Flexible Energy

How can an industrial energy system such as the one in the Port of Amsterdam be designed as autonomously, sustainably and locally as possible? This question was examined by Port of Amsterdam, OneUp and Technolution in the Prodock Innovation Lab.

The story
Fritzy (a refrigerator), Sunny (a solar panel installation), Batsy (battery storage) and Netty (grid connection) are the autonomous players in a test environment. Each of these friends has its own “agent based logic”: they communicate through social media and they can engage with “new friends” via open interfaces: Ethereum smart contracts and the Energy Flexibility Interface (EFI)

Safety and hospitality during large events with J.C. Cruijff Arena

The Johan Cruijff ArenA set up a big Operational Mobility Center (OMC). The center keeps an eye on all infrastructure, traffic and people around the area. Sharing data and providing access to each others data in a more sustainable manner is the big challenge here. We want to develop one dashboard and an open infrastructure to optimize the management of the crowds and the data involved. Achtergrond over OMC:

MeetUps to explore new use cases for the circular economy

In 2016 Thomas Rau and Sabine Oberhuber published the book ‘Material Matters’. The book describes the tranisition to a new economic system where consumers are no longer owner, but temporary user of products and materials. Together with Madaster we want to share data between parties in the construction sector to make progress in this movement and create a sustainable environment.

CHIEF E-mobility

Intelligent data-driven optimisation of an electric car charging infrastructure.


Urban Mobility Lab: Unravelling transport flows in Amsterdam

Urban Mobility Lab analyses multi-modal traffic flows. By collecting and combining data form all different mobility systems and actors, the complex relations between transport systems, activity patterns, demographic and economic processes are analysed for sustainable transport solutions.




EGI is a federated European e-Infrastructure providing advanced computing and data services for research.  It brings together hundreds of data and compute centres in Europe and beyond. 


Knowledge Mile

The Amsterdam Creative Industries Network created a transformation of one of the Amsterdam long streets into the smartest city street, known as the Knowledge Mile. 


City Data

The data portal City Data of Amsterdam city showcases important parts of the huge city related data.


Amsterdam Innovation Arena Smart City Pilot

Project aiming at developing a smart stadium as an pilot example of a smart city, including a trusted digital marketplace. 


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